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Jun. 23rd, 2017 02:13 pm
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Does Terebithia know that Zola is one of the most powerful and dangerous people in Europa? Almost certainly yes.
Does she care? No. She's been doing this since before even Lucrezia was a baby...

Briefly sore throat for me...

Jun. 22nd, 2017 11:22 pm
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Kid is slowly recovering. Slowly. Miserably.

I got to bed at 3, and then the kid needed me back after all (nightmares last night...) about an hour later, so I spent about 3-4 hours sleeping on the foot of þeir bed. Then back to bed again. Less than 7 hours all told. I did get about an hour's nap later this afternoon, BUT.

Then to optometrist, and it was decided that my left eye did indeed need a different prescription. I have some hopes that I will be able to cope with the progressives once the left lens is better.

I have a depressed. O:p

I also read a lot of the series that starts with The Magpie Lord, which is a pseudo-regency with magic, and a m/m relationship (which gets explicit, FYI), and when I finished the first one, I bought the second, and when I finished the second, I bought the third. I blame fadethecat for mentioning that Magpie Lord was good, and then I went to see how expensive it was, and I already had it (so it was cheap or free when I looked at some point I forgot about), so... Well.

Havva Quote
I really gotta get out of this habit of thinking I'll blog about a thing and then not doing it and then not blogging about the next thing because I need to blog about the other thing first.

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Well, this is going to be heavy.

Not only have we got about twice as many concepts as usual to map this release (at work), we've got less time than usual, due to them not managing to adjust the brand new tooling to process them till a bit late in the schedule.

On the positive side, this may mean missing the work awayday. And it will probably mean not being given any other work, such as research articles, while this is ongoing for the next month and a half. (I'll take any consolations that I can get.)

Oh well. Moan, then get on with it. Coffee is my friend.

PollRPG: Not Yet

Jun. 22nd, 2017 03:02 pm
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"Not yet," Smoke admitted with a smile of her own. She liked the aura about him, a kind of gentleness at odds with his great size"What bill were they working on?"

"A bit of legal arcana, as I recall," Corydalis answered. "They're trying to create a legal definition of a person."

"... isn't there one already?"

"Not as such. If I understand correctly -- realize this is not my field of expertise -- it's a matter of common law. Everyone knows what a person is when you see one, so you don't need to define one. It's surprisingly hard to define 'person' in a way that encapsulates everyone you'd want to define as a person without including things that you don't. A senile shapechanger trapped in their feline form, for instance, is clearly still a person. But a cat who can't shapeshift is just as clearly not. A mute elf is a person and a parrot isn't. You can say 'anyone born to members of the four races', but would that mean that if I don't know my parentage, I'm not a person? What if my parents don't know their parentage? Does the government issue documents at birth that certify personhood and do you stop qualifying as a person if you don't have one?"

Smoke blanched. "That sounds nightmarish. Why don't they just leave it as a matter of common law? Then the courts can decide on a case-by-case basis where they have all the specifics before them, right? Did a court rule that some person oughtn't have the rights of a person and they're trying to make sure it doesn't happen again?"

"No, not so far as I am aware. But some legislators, Lord Sky among them, believe that the absence of a consistent legal standard of 'person' opens a path to corruption and people registering their dogs to vote or somesuch." Corydalis's lips twitched as he tried not to smile. "I am inclined to agree with you that the matter is best left to individual judges to interpret as needful, and perhaps not the best to present Lord Sky's position that the legislature must weigh in upon the subject. But the matter is outside of my bailiwick."

"Mm. Mine too, I suppose." Smoke contemplated the subject. "Why would anyone want to make their notes disappear? Is it a very controversial subject?"

Corydalis waggled the fingers of one hand. "It has the potential to be. Several legislators are strongly opposed to Lord Sky or anyone else working on the subject. But it's not even a bill in committee yet, just a topic that he's thinking about presenting a bill upon. It is a long, long way from becoming law. I don't even know what his group's working definition is, but judging by the volume of their notes, they are putting a lot of thought into it beforehand."

"So you don't know what incident motivated them to start work on this bill?"

Corydalis shook his head. "Or if there was an incident, for that matter. Sometimes legislators look for things that could become problems in the future and address them now."

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"Not yet. Did Hawthorne say how things had been rearranged?"
1 (11.1%)

Try to get conversation back to whether he usually meets everyone who works at Courthall
3 (33.3%)

Ask if there've been any other odd events like this one.
4 (44.4%)

Stop talking shop and get personal
1 (11.1%)

Author's note: I have a document of the Dreamwidth installments of PollRPG to date, if you've lost track of the story or want a more convenient place to look things up then the DW page.

Slightly outdated buttons

Jun. 22nd, 2017 01:06 pm
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Before Balticon, I cleared out a lot of button slogans that I didn't think were selling well enough.*

So I've got about a thousand buttons that I have no obvious use for. They're generally in good condition and they're sorted by slogan.

I could just throw them out, but does anyone have any better ideas?

Would anyone like to pick up the buttons? I'm in South Philadelphia. Or I could mail them. I'm estimating the postage at $50 to $100, paid in advance. I'll come up with something more exact if anyone is interested.

*Removing "Free Hugs" was an error. I'll be putting it back in the trays.

Strep Throat Lookalike

Jun. 21st, 2017 10:30 pm
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So the kid had a bit of a sore throat yesterday that turned very noticeable around dinner, and by about 1 am, þey were basically resisting throwing up by sheer willpower, curled up on our bed, under about half the blankets under the house. (All the washable ones.) Kid was on top of the covers and a towel over ze spouse's pillow in case of yarp.

So spouse in the front bedroom, kid on his side of the bed, and me -- in nightshirt and houserobe, my feet tucked under quilts and the remaining afghan at the foot of the bed, and a shawl pulled over my shoulder -- on top of covers because getting under them was just not working.

Kid played Star Wars RPG podcast and I think we fell asleep around 3am. About 2 hours and 59 minutes later, according to fitbit, we woke up and the kid was well enough to move back to þeir room. I eventually got back to sleep till... I'm not sure when. About another 2-3 hours of sleep (according to fitbit), and then the phone rang and I had to do entries for spouse's uncle's hearing aid or something. Then I fell asleep again a bit. When kid and I were both awake and I verified that kid was not amazingly better but was, instead, running a fever of around 102F (about 101 under the arm, so add a degree F for the equivalent oral temp)... I called the doctor, got an appointment, went in, pronounced that we thought it was strep -- the symptoms are very much like when the kid was in 7th grade and "threw up 13 times; I counted." (to quote.) And back then we discovered that allergy to 'cillin, and thus 7th grade started with hives all over. (Oatmeal baths work.)

Where was I... Ah, right. Went to doctor. Swabs were taken. The really quick version was strep-negative, so they'll culture it overnight and see if it's bacterial. In the meantime, it might be viral, woohoo. So ibuprofen for pain and fever and they'll call sometime (ungodly early, no doubt) tomorrow. We're also using Zantac for nausea.

Havva Quote
---------------------Quoted by C•••••••---------------------
I know but one who sails within
The ranks of Arthur's men
To challenge death at Caer Siddi.
The Prydwen sails again.

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Heat Wave

Jun. 21st, 2017 02:01 pm
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Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot...

One "hot" for every day in an unbroken sequence of heat.

This is so unEnglish. People are talking about the unforgettable summer of 1976 as the last time we experienced anything like it.

We've been watching the tennis from Queen's Club- where one of the commentators told us yesterday that it was topping 100 degrees Farenheit out on court.

Lots of flies. We've been burning citronella candles and running a gadget with windmilling arms to keep the little buggers away from our food.

Wednesday's comic

Jun. 21st, 2017 06:23 pm
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A new beginning and another end tastefully obscured...

Wonder Woman Was A Fun Movie

Jun. 20th, 2017 10:54 pm
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As I said on Twitter:

• Wonder Woman is a really fun movie. As kid & I loved the Boss Fight, & friend did not, the diff appears to be flat or 3D. Pick flat!
• The Greek/Roman myth is so mangled, but they run with it & this is clearly an alternate universe anyway, so I forgive.
• There is totally problematic stuff going on as well, as others have noted. Esp disfigurement.
• (I think they may've been going for a [spoiler] echo at [spoiler scene] or even [spoiler metaphor] but that was really subtle if so.)
• I also appreciated/was amused by [more spoilers pertaining to mythology] and [spoilers Seraph/Balseraph Truth/"truth" hahahaha].
• The music/soundtrack was fine & if you like it, that's great. It was solid but did not earworm me so I deem it weakest. Choreography was 😳😍.
(If the Emoji don't come through, try O_O and <3<3. Close 'nuff.)

Also approved of some trope subversions, and a subtle movement in one of the scenes, and hopefully that's not too spoilery above.

Then went and bought Hamster Princess 4, which spouse is reading.

At home, discovered kid's online game was canceled, so kid and spouse went to... the Olive Garden, which is like right around the corner from the movie theater, and as I did not want to drive ALL THE WAY BACK THERE -- especially when we'd be coming home after dark -- I stayed home instead of being the Driver.

Kid now has a terrible, terrible sore throat. O:( Not due to Olive Garden; it was developing before that. But it is bad. O:(

Did NOT get to the optometrist for eyeglasses adjustment, darnit. But Wonder Woman!

(Look, it was a 4:10 showing and we woke up pretty late because kid and I got to sleep at around 5am, okay? -_- Kid went into hypermode to finish a paper and finished around 3am (I did say "let's use insomnia for good") and wind-down took a while.)

Havva Quote
Spouse: We should get a drone with a water cannon.
Me: Not in the house we shouldn't.
Spouse: Percy would love to chase a drone.
--on how to keep the cat from jumping on the counter/sink where he is not allowed.

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Moving House

Jun. 19th, 2017 07:35 pm
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When we first set up the hive, it had to be away from the house because we were replacing the roof and the solar panels on the south side of the house had to come down before the roof could be put on. So we put the hive on the North side of the yard, facing South to catch the sun in the entrance on most days.

But the entrance also faced the biggest part of our backyard lawn, and the flight path for the bees was right over the grassy area where all the kids would play if we had a party again in our backyard. So we had to move the hive.
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Woops, forgot to update yesterday

Jun. 19th, 2017 09:23 pm
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Went up temporarily and, er, it wasn't that temporary. At least I got to bed before 4 in the morning. Not sure when the kid fell asleep. I slept... a while, with some minor waking up intervals before going back to sleep, then got a shower, and so it was past 2 by the time we got moving.

Got new glasses today with kid -- but one of my lenses is rotated wrong or something, and it's blurry when the other one is clear. They're also Progressive lenses, and I'm not sure if I wouldn't prefer regular bifocals instead, honestly. Well, the WORKING lens didn't make me scream and hate it instantly, and it was kind of cool to be able to read the menu easily, so we'll see.

Ten of Thirty's Borg eye is looking more and more intriguing to me, though. @_-

Havva Quote
A corrupt [***]hole meddling in the deadly side of politics in Ms. Cope's world has little reason to act surprised if his bar card doesn't shield him.
(Bowdlerization mine. I turrible, I is.)

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St Francis

Jun. 19th, 2017 12:59 pm
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This full-sized papier mache model of St Francis was created by Stan Andrews in the 1990s as the centrepiece of a Sunday School stall at the Minster-in-Sheppey Flower Festival. After moving around a bit- and spending time in a garage- he acquired a permanent home at Holy Trinity Church, Queenborough- where he occupies his own reserved pew.

Done this week (20170611Su - 18Sa)

Jun. 18th, 2017 01:47 pm
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The only major news is that we have a firm date for when the previous owner of our house gets all his stuff moved out: June 30th. That's about three weeks sooner than the original worst-case plan, so Colleen and I will have the entire month to get moved in, rather than a week. Yay!

I don't seem to have done much this week. I did get the car charged, and deposited a bunch of checks (including some old enough that I'm not sure they're still good -- I need to get a lot better at that). Mostly I sat around the apartment exploring an assortment of math topics on Wikipedia and YouTube.

It turns out that, thanks to a paper I wrote back at Carleton with one of my math professors, it can easily be determined that my Erdős number is officially 7. Unofficially, if one includes patents as well as actual math papers, it's 4. That still probably exceeds the number of people reading this who knew what an Erdős number is before reading this. The official value almost certainly does.

I did some actual programming yesterday (which I made more progress on today), aimed at bringing my song formatting and typesetting into the 21st Century. Mostly that means switching from postscript files to PDFs everywhere, upgrading to LaTeX2e, and simplifying the build process. There are still a few formatting issues that need to be dealt with; I will be having some fun this week refactoring my horrible old style files into classes.

There was some discussion in comments elsewidth about finding a therapist; I did a little link chasing. Not going to do anything about it until after we move.

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Jun. 18th, 2017 04:50 pm
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Queenborough was celebrating something yesterday but I didn't like to show my ignorance- and proclaim my outsider status- by asking what it was. The high street had been closed to traffic and people were selling bric-a-brac on makeshift stall outside their houses; we bought two second-hand soft toys and a dolls house. There was a flower festival inside the church, And people were walking around the streets in 17th century costume, interacting with the public. My best guess is they were celebrating (if that's the right word) the anniversary of the Dutch raid on the Medway in 1667. I'm saying that because a lot of the buildings were flying tricolours and they weren't the French one.

We hadn't gone because of the celebration (whatever it was) but because we like going places we've never been before. Queenborough had a prosperous past as a port at the juncture of three rivers- Thames, Medway and Swale- and was the site of a magnificent round castle, built by Edward III for Queen Philippa and raised to the ground- so nothing visible remains- by Oliver Cromwell. The High Street is mainly 18th century and opens - or would if there weren't a nasty concrete sea wall blocking the view- onto the mud flats and waters of the Thames Estuary. We came home and- as we usually do when we've been somewhere we've liked- looked at house prices.

This is Queenborough Hard. The 17th century-type ship is flying the Jolly Roger and the Dutch tricolor. It may be a fixture or it may be part of the celebrations.

Here's Queenborough's early 18th century Guildhall.

And here's the Creek. Remember it was low tide on a very hot day. Edward and Philippa's castle once towered over this view- deterring foreign invaders and local runagates- one of England's great lost buildings. Channel 4's Time Team dug up the foundations in 2005 and were greatly impressed.

Trooping The Colour

Jun. 18th, 2017 10:09 am
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A young guardsman collapsed in the heat. I only know this from newspaper accounts because the TV cameras very cleverly avoided showing the incident.

It must be foul having to parade in 80 degree heat wearing headgear designed for the Crimean winter.

Those bearskins! Victorian soldiers were actually expected to fight in them. Crickey!

The ceremony itself goes back to a time when flags served as rallying points for soldiers scattered on the battlefield. The "trooping of the colour" was about parading the regimental flag in front of the men so they knew what it looked like. I didn't know that before.

The wonderful gold uniforms worn by the mounted musicians have hardly changed since the late 17th century, the silver kettle drums were a gift from William IV, the household cavalry wear uniforms Queen Victoria would have recognised, the shiny guns being pulled behind the limbers were fired in anger during the Great War...

Time is defied, informed that it doesn't actually apply in situations like this. That's what we mean by "tradition". And let's throw a little anachronism into the mix- Victorian bearskins and red jackets but modern automatic weapons. The Queen is in her twentieth century granny gear, the Dukes of Edinburgh and Kent, Colonels of Regiments, wear top hats...

Got to bed at 4:20-something am...

Jun. 17th, 2017 11:46 pm
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Oh, right, forgot to mention -- the burning smell was the car's axel boots. They'd split. There were replacements done.

Burning smells. Bad.

Kid had major insomnia. So that meant we couldn't hit either of the nearby libraries because they both close at 1 or 2 in the afternoon, and after getting to sleep WHEN THE SKY WAS GETTING LIGHT OUT... ha, no. (Spouse went and picked up my car, and griped at them about the ciggie smell in it, and happily actually found ALL the stuff that we'd left in it. (Charger, sunglasses, spare shirt for kid, spare garage door opener.) He also pointed out that No Manuals made it hard to operate the air system, and the guy went "oh, hm, yeah, we have a quick-overview thing we could print and stick in it..." So that's useful.)

Then I had to re-write the paper's requirements because the original ones were NOT written clearly, and included a sentence that... the second half of it needed diagramming, because IT WAS GIBBERISH. These words DO NOT MEAN WHAT SOMEONE THINKS THEY MEAN. It was a Markov Chain that attempted to make sense and, instead, because it was LITERAL NONSENSE, sent the kid into meltdown trying to parse it.

Do not. Claim you want clear writing. When you produce something like that. GET AN EDITOR.


Well, I wrote up a translation and the kid can follow THAT. (Honestly, there is duplicated effort on this blighted thing, and the presentation would be exactly reverse of the creation process, and it's a really shoddy assignment. But at least it's something that can be followed now.)

Here's hoping that the kid can get a chunk of that done tomorrow. (Or a real spurt of energy and FINISH it!) After that... a week of NOTHING!

But kid and spouse have a mild stomach bug, it seems. Joy-oh-joy. That's no good for functionality.

Because we had breakfast at three in the afternoon (see also insomnia), we actually got to that restaurant we'd been wanting to, and there were seats! ...up in their loft area. It was still kinda noisy, but that's what noise-canceling headphones are for, yay. ...kid did not want much of the food aside from the fried mushroom appetizer. Darn. (Well, I got the mac and cheese for dinner, since I liked it.)

I tipped a little extra (minimum $5 or 20%, whichever's more) because the poor waitress had to climb up stairs to get to us.

Still, it's kind of a useful thing for restaurants to think about: booths/tables/locations for people who have sensory issues. (I came out and said, since they were kind-of rather busy (at 3pm!!!!), "Kid is on the autism spectrum, and has sensory issues. Is there an out-of-the-way table somewhere available?" So yay, the vacant-save-for-us loft!)

Havva Quote
S_____ . o O ( "S______, why are you detailing food, lumber, and textile fiber crops for a D&D undergound kobold empire?" "Because nobody can stop me." )

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