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Aug. 23rd, 2017 09:55 pm
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Kid had a dental-cleaning appointment. We worked on pronouns with the dentist. Whee?

Plotting to get a Final Crown (or at least a 20-year one) for the shorter tooth. The longer one has a better situation with the resin and can probably be left until x-rays show deterioration of the tooth underneath.

Still need to deal with wisdom teeth sometime, but that will take sedation, which is ugh.

Havva Quote
When we first moved to a suburb of Minneapolis back in the 90s, my teen daughter came home from school with a joke:
   Q: What does the Edina housewife make for dinner? A: Reservations.
To which I cried, "Yeesss! We've come to the right place!" She was quite taken aback, protesting, "Mom...!"
--Bujold, at https://www.reddit.com/r/Fantasy/comments/6rciwd/hi_there_i_am_novelist_lois_mcmaster_bujold_ama/dl4e9vq/

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People at work have said this a bunch of times, and of course I can't usually think of anything people can help with. But on Monday, one of my co-workers said it and I remembered a problem I meant to ask at work about. "Do you know any lawn services? I need to hire someone to take care of my yard."

"I don't, but T might? I know we have some customers who run services. I'll ask T."

T: "I use a service! I went to high school with him, he mows lawns for everyone I know. I texted him, here's his number. You can just text to ask him if he's free."

So I texted him, and he texted back an hour later with "sure, I'll mow it tomorrow, what's the address?" Okay, this is a little weird that he didn't say the price, but maybe he figures he'll quote one when he sees the property. I texted him my address.

A little later, F says "Hi, did you get any good pictures of the eclipse?"

"No, bbut I got some bad ones. Did you want to see?" I looked up to see my cubicle surrounded by beaming, conspiring co-workers. "Hi?"

"Hiiiiiii," they chorused back.

T: "So we all chipped in and we're gonna pay for the lawn service this time. It'll be a bit more than usual because it's been a while but don't worry, we're gonna cover it."

Awwww. ♥ All I really wanted was to be able to pay someone so I didn't have to worry about my yard any more, but that was extra sweet.

On a related note, I have a different "I just need someone else to research this because I am too brain-fried to do it" problem.

As I've noted before, I use a Samsung Galaxy S, a seven-year old model, because it has a horizontal physical keyboard and new phones do not. My Samsung's backspace key is dying, and I am facing the fact that getting another copy of seven-year-old phone is not a great plan. The software I've been using all along keeps upgrading itself and no longer runs well on my antique phone.

I can't get a new model of a phone with a horizontal physical keyboard built-in. But several people pointed out last time I mentioned this that you can get bluetooth thumbboards, some of which are set up so they'll clip to the phone or have a place for the phone to stand or something.

So: if anyone wishes to research this for me, I want to buy:

* A recent model of Android phone (released in the last six months or so, preferably)
* a horizontal thumbboard (ie, a physical keyboard of approximately the same size as the phone, operated by thumb) that will attach to said phone, so that I can use the thumbboard and see the screen easily while standing/walking/waiting in line/etc. So either phone or thumbboard needs to have a way to attach to the other so that I can hold and see both comfortably while using the thumbboard. I've tried vertical thumbboards and they are too narrow for me; I need one at least 4" wide.
* Preferably a five-row thumboard (ie, numbers on their own row)
* I am not fussy about phone size. Good battery life is a plus, but I am resigned to carrying a spare USB battery so not a big deal.
* Lots of memory also a plus. I would love a phone that could edit large Google Docs files, though I do not know if such a thing exists.

I do not need to be gifted this, I just don't have the brainpower to research which of these products work well together. o_o;;;

Thank you!


In other news, Lut has been noticeably more like himself on three of my last four visits. I hate to get my hopes up, and he is still nothing like baseline. But it's a positive direction and man I am a lot more kindly disposed to the skilled nursing facility. Whether they have any part in it or not. Please keep praying.

Unrelated, I decided to give myself a tiny daily writing quota just so I could feel good about beating it. So I set it at 200 words, which isn't enough to finish a book in a year, even. But it's tiny enough that I can do it in ten minutes instead of checking Twitter. I hit it today. And I do feel good about myself. Woo, stupidly small number of words! \o/

Editing proceeds apace. I am about 5/6ths through the penultimate pass. The last quarter of the book is my favorite part, so probably will finish this pass this month. The last pass is just "look for editing artifacts" so hopefully won't take as long. We'll see.


Aug. 22nd, 2017 11:16 pm
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Am convincing child to try eating straw wrappers as a mood-improvement thing. (Look, the stuff probably still has hormones from the trees in it, and/or it might provide an interesting roughage for gut bacteria. LET ME HAVE MY PLACEBO OKAY.)

Spent about an hour poking at Copper Leaf Bargains and re-reading stuff and fixing a single small inconsistency, but otherwise not getting any noticeable wordcount, blah.

Trash night.

(Oh, hey, back to December 2016 for the GURPS stuff!)

Havva Quote
arcangel says, "Oh, look, we get A: Jordi (YAY!), and B: the Dominion is getting snarky again... https://www.youtube.com/embed/Zhnd5h1CyqE"
arcangel cannot spell LaForge's first name anymore because In Nomine. Hush.
arcangel then goes to one of the random videos near that and NO. BISHONEN VOLDEMORT IS NO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-xREZXkDpg
arcangel says, "JUST NO."
--Seriously, I'm traumatized here.

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A Monday

Aug. 21st, 2017 11:45 pm
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Spurred by a hopeful comment on Goodreads, I was thinking of stuff on Copper Leaf Bargains when I went to sleep last night, and then this morning, I spent an hour and a half, or thereabouts, writing, and got 1,300 words on one thing (including a [insert Shadow Guild organizational information here] marker, oh dear), and then went back to the chapter before that, which still needs finishing, and worked on that some. So I estimate at least 1,500 words, woo!

Now my head is all fragile and my characters don't know which of them are supposed to be in boxes and which of them are supposed to be out and talking to me. -_-

Kid and I were going to go for dinner but really, there was no where we wanted to go, and we were both crabby as heck (I wanted to eat leftovers, but ze spouse had gone on an hour's drive to an Apple Store to get the powerbrick for my computer replaced, 'cause it died, and if he didn't get it that way, we'd have to be sharing a power-brick for several days till the more local place got one in. Blah. ...where was I? Oh, right, so he'd driven 2 hours on top of MedicalTaxi for his Uncle, so I didn't even ask about him going anywhere), and so we went shopping instead, because it was deserted enough not to drive the kid screaming away.

So then we came home and I ate a combination of leftovers and the veggie dumplings that called to me at the store.

Despite ice tea at breakfast and a glass of home-made ice tea here, I have a headache. I must take ibuprofen soon.

Havva Quote
-----------------------Quoted by M••------------------------
Rhelle: No! Don't fall for the Sith's manipulations!
Alecto: Oh, my sweet love, you're quite mistaken. She's not the Sith. I AM.
----------------------Quoted by E____-----------------------
Alecto: "I AM."
Rhelle: "NOOOOoooactually, that makes a lot of sense."
I__ snrk.
arcangel | Rhelle: ...no, wait, that's okay then.
-----------------------Quoted by M••------------------------
M•• ducks
--We are very silly on the MUSH

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Monday's short story

Aug. 21st, 2017 06:46 am
madfilkentist: Krosp, from Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio. (Krosp)
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I wonder which ones the cries of pain are coming from in the last panel.

Done last week (20170813Su - 19Sa)

Aug. 20th, 2017 09:44 pm
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The last pod has been emptied -- it will be hauled off on Wednesday -- so I guess that means we're officially moved in. So many things we really shouldn't have taken! (And a few we should have, but gave away instead...)

We decided not to go to Oregon to see the eclipse. Just didn't start soon enough; maybe we can get to 2024? Tough decision, but we hadn't planned far enough ahead; with the expected traffic we probably wouldn't have made it, we would have had to scramble to find someone to care for the cats, and the room was expensive.

A lot of overload/stress/depression/anxiety problems, especially Monday and yesterday. Yesterday was particularly bad -- I felt drained pretty much all day after a morning meltdown. I probably need to bunny more.

There are continuing problems with the cats. Bronx is still pretty sick, and Ticia spent much of the week hiding under the bed. We finally set Colleen up in the brown recliner, with her usual bowls of water and treats. That seems to have worked, or at least helped. She's still awfully skittish. May have to do with the kittens. Especially Bronx.

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