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I arrived in Geneva Switzerland last Tuesday for a work conference, then Eyjafjallajokull erupted and closed down the European airspace. I was scheduled to go back home this past Sunday, but three of my flights back were canceled. The last one was yesterday, when Geneva was opened but my connecting flight through Frankfurt was canceled. It looks like I'll finally be getting home tomorrow.

Geneva is a very nice city, but over a week away from home when I was only planning for a few days had a few unforeseen difficulties. I'll be glad to be going home.

Lots of photos when I can get them downloaded.

UPDATE: One of my friends wrote about how much fun it must be to be in Geneva for a week. Here's my reply:
"Its fun up to a point, but the tourist thing does get old after a while, then it starts becoming more like having one's life in suspended animation. I have work & family to get back to. Also, while most people speak English here as a second language, having French as the primary in Geneva does accentuate the knowledge of being a foreigner.

It'd also be a whole different ballgame if I was paying for my hotel + meals, which my employer is picking up (fortunately). Geneva is VERY expensive - probably the most expensive place I've ever been. As an example, if you can get out of any meal paying less than $25 a person, you did very well. There's pretty much two Genevas - the very rich and the natives (who don't have to worry about housing, of which there's a major shortage), and everyone else. If you're in the second group, it doesn't seem to be such a fun place to live in fulltime. That's been my observation here."


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