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If you read Twitter feeds using an RSS reader like Google Reader, this is some useful information to know about. My regular searches using Twitter's RSS feed stopped picking up new posts - not sure why - but using the format "http://search.twitter.com/search.atom?q=from%3A_inserttwitteruseridhere_" seems to work OK for getting the reader to pick up new Twitter material.

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For years, I've been wondering how to get the old Windows 98 Plus! screensavers to work with XP; I especially liked the "haunted house" one titled MYSTERY.SCR, but simply running it in XP results in a black screen. The conventional wisdom was some of the old Win95/Win98 ones just weren't compatable with XP, even when run in "compatability mode". I'd pretty much accepted that they were never going to work on XP machines. However, last night I gave it another Google try, and came across the solution here and here (more discussion on the themes here). It isn't extremely easy, but it is doable:
Procedure behind the cut )
A little lengthy, but I have been able to get the screensavers to work under XP by doing this.
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The Storm worm
, an extremely nasty computer virus which is tough to defend against because of its subtlety and complexity.
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Donna's computer crashed today coming out of hibernation mode, and upon reboot it displayed an "lsass.exe - System Error, Object Name not found" error, then rebooted again - in a continual loop. I tried a number of different things, but what finally solved it was to follow the directions in this article: "Windows XP Crashed? Here's Help" by Charles White. Basically, the article walks you through using your system restore files to set the system back to a previous save point, but it does it via the command prompt in the Windows Recovery Console mode - and if you can't get Windows to load because its corrupted, this may be your best option. You still need a bootable Windows XP CD to get into the Recovery Console, but the article does a great job of hand-holding you through the process, and I think this can be used to solve a whole slew of otherwise-intractable problems.

I'm sure if I'd taken this to Best Buy, they'd have charged me hundreds of dollars, told me the system was a write-off, and reformatted the whole computer. Instead, using White's directions, the computer is working again good-as-before in a couple of hours - and most of that was finding the article online, once I figured out that was what I needed, the actual process took less than a half-hour. A valuable find!


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