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Frontline on PBS did a very good episode this past week titled "The Undertaking" devoted to the profession of preparing and burying the dead. I thought it was one of the finer ones they've put together, and well timed now that we're in Autumn, the time of leaves falling and the cold returning. Well worth watching, the full episode is available online via the link.

What's interesting for me is that while I found watching it quite moving at times, I didn't really feel uncomfortable* at any point along the way (another tribute to the production), while I had great difficulty finishing USNWR's excerpt of Amy Silverstein's book Sick Girl, wherein she details the struggles and difficulties which go along with a heart transplant. Some of the facts were just, frankly, too much for me to take more than a little at a time...which doesn't bode well for my prospects if I ever do need heart surgery, I suppose. A good counterpart to the USNWR excerpt are the "Cumerow on Quality" articles devoted to the topic and book, located here and here, and Amy Silverstein's reply here.

* - keeping in mind that everyone's mileage may vary; I'm told that my great-grandfather was an undertaker, so I kinda had that running in the back of my mind while watching: that in the not-too-distant past, my family was part of the profession. That made it feel not as unfamiliar as it might otherwise have been.
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I know I'm probably way late to the party on this, but worth your time to check out: CMU professor Randy Pausch's 'Last Lecture'. Really down-to-earth with a lot of good lessons, within the context of an interesting back-story.
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Brilliant. And all in line with how negotiating works, if you do it right.

I'm admittedly too nice to do this as much as I should. Its an unfortunate side-effect of seeing the other person's perspective - the key is to realize that it's the sales agent's job to try and s***w you over, then it doesn't feel as bad to hit back and/or walk away.

Its business. Nothing personal.
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I use Bloglines to keep track of various blogs. Here's a collection of entries which I've saved over the past year or so, having considered them interesting enough to want to remember to get back to.

Will probably be doing a separate one for links saved from Lifehacker tomorrow, stay tuned...


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