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* On Sunday after church Donna and I drove down to Richmond VA. We stopped at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens which is where the first three pictures above were taken (click on any picture for more). Lots of lovely tulips out, we're going to go back later when their roses are in bloom. Overall not in the same league as Kew, Longwood, or Quail Gardens in San Diego, but still nice.

* We also stopped at the Huddle House in Hopewell VA, which is the northernmost outpost of the chain. The service was by far the worst we've gotten there so far, our waiter took off while we were still waiting for our food without saying a word, the chef was grumbling aloud, clearly overall morale was low. My steakburger was tasty, but Donna's food was overcooked and our waiter never bothered to deliver our request for club sandwiches to go. We won't be going back there, we'll try the other one in the area next time and hope for better.

* The Bass Pro Shop in Richmond was OK; not as good as the one in Vegas, but it at least had two levels. I purchased a good jacket by North Face that I'll probably get a lot of use out of.

* Final photo above is of one of our apple trees, the other big one is also in bloom but not quite as spectacular. I planted some seedlings on Sunday also, which may have been a mistake since some of them may not be quite ready for outside yet (in retrospect) and I didn't harden them off. I still have some tomatoes, the peppers, and a few other things to put in, but we'll see how the ones I put in so far - tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini - do over the next week.


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